Our Coaches

Larry Han


Larry is the founder of SWIMWITHUS. He has always been heavily involved in water sports captaining the Commando Formation swimming and water polo team. His coaching career started in 2000 and has 14 years of experience under his belt for coaching at all levels of swimming. He has numerous certificates from Sport Singapore such as SwimSafer, competitive swimming from Singapore Swimming Association Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards. His Passion for swimming can be seen from how he conducts his swimming lessons. It is a firm yet fun environment where students can learn a life skill. His biggest joy is watching his students grow and mature to a point where they are finally comfortable in the water. Larry is very comfortable with working with students of all ages and skill levels. He is patient and always ensures the highest level of safety during lessons. Larry administrates SWIMWITHUS’s business affairs as well.


SwimSafer Instructor
CPR + AED Instructor
Certificate In Teaching Swimming
National Registry of Coaches – Swimming

Contact No

+65 9176 8198

Steven Tan


Steven has always harbored a deep passion for swimming. His stint as a lifesaver and swimming coach began in 2007. For several years, he dedicated his efforts towards imparting the skills and techniques to those with aims of being a better swimmer. He has a strong belief in what he offers as he believes that imparting a skill that can save lives is a very honorable thing to do. He finds great satisfaction in transforming his students from being unable to swim for the very first day till the day the evolve to become experienced swimmers and even overcome their fear of water. With 7 years of experience, unique certifications and qualifications he is definitely the best choice if you would want to learn how to be a qualified lifeguard or lifesaving instructor.


Swimming Teacher’s Certificate
Life Saving Instructor
Bronze Medallion
CPR + AED instructor

Contact No

+65 9759 2814

Come Swim With Us!

SWIMWITHUS was founded and created by our lead coach Larry Han in 2007. We believe that learning swimming will promote lifelong skills and it’s really fun! We offer a comprehensive learn-to-swim program in a warm supportive environment.

Our swimming coaches, instructors & teachers are quick to respond and are always vigilant in all our lessons.
Our student’s SAFETY is our FIRST PRIORITY. During lessons, our students always have fun even when they are learning.

Our coaches, instructors & teachers have different swimming certification / experience / qualifications from around the world. We always come together and share the latest training method and adapt to the newest techniques.

SWIMWITHUS is a sole proprietorship registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory (ACRA).
Our Business Registration Number is 53083647E.